Sonic is a business that is rooted in tradition. We cherish the parts of our past that have shaped our future. But, change is in the air, and here in Yakima, we think that change is good. Starting on the first of January, we will be remodeling our location from top to bottom. Out store will come back strong and bearing the updated style and technology shared by it’s sister store in Poulsbo. Sleek, modern and just as friendly as ever, Sonic is moving into the future with style. Check out Poulsbo’s Facebook page for images of our flagship restaurant design. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get all of our signature items with the same fast, friendly service you’ve come to enjoy. So pull into a stall and hit the Red Button. Snap a picture with the Car hop and share it on our Facebook page when you check in. As you sip your creamy Chocolate Shake, let us know how our staff and food WOW’d you in a review during your visit to our brand new Sonic Drive-In, here in sunny Yakima.

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