About Olympic Cascade Drive Ins, LLC

In 2016, Olympic Cascade Drive Ins, LLC or OCDI,  was formed to purchase, own and operate Sonic Drive In stores in Washington and Oregon.

We currently own and operate 10 Sonic Drive In stores in Washington and Oregon including Poulsbo, Ferndale (Bellingham), Renton, Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Yakima, Kennewick, Pasco,  Keizer and Salem.

Our administrative leadership team consists of Richard Ramsey, Trevor Misipeka and Brandi Rider. Our team enjoys a variety of personality styles representing different life experiences and skills. Some of us are gregarious and outspoken while others are more analytical and thoughtful. We will springboard ideas one from another with a unique synergy that inspires and creates. Inasmuch as our styles are different, our principals and values remain the same; we believe that character, built on honesty, integrity and hard work serves as the back-bone of our success.

Questions, Comments & Job Opportunities

We welcome your feedback if you have questions or comments, or are interested in a job opportunity at one of our Sonic Drive-In stores, click on the store link below to go to that store location page and you can reach out the the General Manager for that store.

Sonic Drive-In Store Locations

The following is a list of Sonic Drive-In Store Locations for Olympic Cascade Drive-Ins, LLC / OCDI in Washington and Oregon.

Sonic Drive In Store Restaurant Poulsbo Washington Bainbridge Island Bremerton Silverdale Keyport Kingston Kitsap County Washington

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OCDI Sonics Mission

Olympic Cascade Drive-Ins, LLC (OCDI) has a mission to create rapid, sustainable growth, driven by an empowered and effective team of associates with a vision towards being recognized as the highest quality, low-cost provider of traditional fast food products.  In Partnership with Sonic’s proven success formula in marketing, growth and direction, our key success factors will include:

  • Consistency throughout all stores.
  • Clean, fast, efficient service.
  • Customer-driven standards and processes.

Olympic Cascade Drive Ins represents a disciplined administrative team committed to maintaining a physical presence for the sake of both personnel and operational successes at all levels.

At OCDI Sonic Drive In Restaurants of Washington and Oregon, We are committed to the positive experience for our loyal Sonic Drive In customers who love and enjoy the Sonic Drive-In experience in the Northwest.  Our commitment to you is to provide fast, friendly, professional service and an outstanding experience for the entire family. Please Contact Us if there is anything we can do to improve your Sonic Drive-In dining experience at any of our stores in Washington and Oregon including Poulsbo, Ferndale, Renton, Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Pasco, Kennewick, Keizer and Salem. 

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Job opportunities at Sonic Drive In restaurants in Washington and Oregon

Life at Sonic… A unique culture of creativity, collaboration and Cherry Limeades!

Sonic Drive In Restaurant Bacon Cheeseburger Washington, Poulsbo, Renton, Ferndale, Bellingham, Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Yakima, Kennewick, Pasco, Oregon, Keiser, Salem, Portland

This is How We Sonic in Washington and Oregon!

When we say the SONIC culture is unique, we mean it. By design, we seek and attract a different kind of team member than most companies. We encourage creative, free-wheeling, fun-loving passion on our roller-skating front lines. At SONIC, we believe that work should be something you look forward to, hungrily.

Contact the Manager at one of our Sonic Stores, click the city link page to go to the page for the Sonic Store in that City:

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