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Teacher of the Month: Celebrating Success with Young Readers

Ms. Shanon Pollard 2nd Grade Teacher Muldrow, Oklahoma

Limeades for Learning Teacher Spotlight

Second grade teachers often have the exciting opportunity to teach students how to read for the first time, imparting on them one of the most important life skills. Teacher of the Month Shanon Pollard shares how working with students at varying reading levels can be both challenging and gratifying, and how support from programs like Limeades for Learning make an impact on young lives.

Location: Muldrow, Okla.

Grade Level: 2nd

Years Teaching: 5


How have your classroom needs changed this school year? What types of learning supplies or resources do you need most?

My classroom now requires more sanitizing products, separate bins for each student and individual desks. The supplies and resources we need the most are disinfectant wipes, dry erase boards, markers, books and headphones.

How can community members and programs like Limeades for Learning best support teachers now, and why is it important to you?

Community members and programs can help teachers by simply asking what their needs are. Gift cards are always a great tool for teachers with different needs. It is so important to support your local teachers, because they spend a lot of money out of pocket to fund their classrooms and to give their students the best opportunities to learn.

What advice do you have for fellow educators during this time?

My advice is to stay strong, make learning fun and form good relationships with your co-workers so you can lean on each other when needed.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is teaching my students the fundamentals of reading and watching their happiness and confidence grow when they read their first book. I try to make lessons fun and engaging, and I love it when they enjoy learning.


What is your favorite project that has received funding from SONIC Drive-In, and why?

Reading Rockets is my favorite project that SONIC has funded. The project gave my students books that were very much needed. There were various reading levels which benefited each student.


What tips do you have for fellow educators who want to get started with DonorsChoose and Limeades for Learning?

·        Start with a small, but urgent project that would greatly benefit your classroom and students.

·        Discuss needs with fellow coworkers because they might make you aware of something that you might not think of.

·        Share what DonorsChoose is with your parents and friends.

·        Once started, share what DonorsChoose is with fellow teachers.


How can parents or SONIC fans become more involved in helping public school teachers?

SONIC fans or parents can become more involved by simply asking their child’s teacher what their needs are or how they can help throughout the year. Communication and a good relationship with their child’s teacher is extremely helpful.

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How to Participate in Limeades for Learning

  1. Create a teacher profile with Donors Chose and submit a request for learning materials.
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  3. Visit the website often to learn about the many ways you can receive Sonic funding.
  4. Share on Social Media to get friends, family and your community involved!

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