Can You Find The Chicken Slinger!

Find the Sonic chicken slinger

Find the Chicken Slinger! There’s no Waldo here. But there is a Sonic Chicken Slinger amidst all of the other Sonic Drive-in Favorite food, drinks and ice cream treats!  See how long it takes you to find the Sonic Chicken Slinger in the picture!  If you haven’t tried the Sonic Chicken Slinger, you really should.  […]

The Sonic Drive In Spicy Chicken Slinger is Back!

Sonic Drive In Spicy Chicken Slinger

The Sonic Spicy Chicken Slinger is BACK! Also, try our original Chicken Slinger with Mayo! Avaiable Now at Your Local Sonic Drive-In We are serving the Spicy Chicken Slinger and the Original Chicken Slinger at your favorite Sonic Drive In of Washington and Oregon in Poulsbo, Renton, Ferndale, Bellingham, Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Yakima, Kennewick, Pasco, Oregon, Keiser, Salem, Portland Also See Let Your Phone Battery […]